Review of the Extraordinary General Meeting of June 30, 2023

  • Created by Serge Schiltz und Martin Rohner

Review of the Extraordinary General Meeting and the presentation.

On June 30, 12 people met for the extraordinary general assembly of the association, including two representatives of SMP. After the report on the current difficult situation of the association due to the dissolution of the board over the last months, several members expressed their dismay. It was noted that eco-HERMES is currently operating without a board. Martin Rohner and Serge Schiltz are currently continuing to run the business in a fiduciary capacity until either a new board is appointed or the association is dissolved.

In the run-up to the meeting, a single member expressed interest in joining the association, but at least three people are needed to continue. During the AGM other members showed interest, but they did not want to make themselves available spontaneously. After the acceptance of the half-yearly accounts of the association and the discharge of the board (or the current administrators), those present decided to give the association until September 30 to find a new board. Interested parties please contact us by e-mail to info[@]!

At the end of September, another Extraordinary General Meeting will either elect a new Board, if there are candidates, or otherwise definitively dissolve the Association. The invitation to this further AGM will be sent out exclusively via the news section of our website. A group of interested parties will meet for the first time on July 12 to get to know each other and to discuss the next steps.

Further information on the AGM can be found in the attached set of slides.