We have been the user group for HERMES users and HERMES stakeholders for many years. We maintain intensive contacts and exchange with the DTI, the owner of HERMES. Almost all large organizations using HERMES are collective members of our association. Many active HERMES users, individuals and SMEs, are active as individual members and personally.

We mainly organize informational, networking and educational events that are recognized for HERMES recertification.

Members have different motivations to be active with us. What they have in common is the will to use the HERMES project management method and to support its further development.

Dr. Serge Schiltz


Process and project management expert in various industries; business processes; GRC issues; change projects.

Martin Rohner

Board member

Many years of experience in international project management environment in implementation and also coaching, assessor at IPMA

Why we are active

The eco-HERMES Board is a team that is currently reinventing the User Group by using more modern communication techniques such as regular newsletters and blogs to help HERMES users apply. We are confident in our events and excited to keep hosting them. This is especially the annual HERMES de Suisse event. HERMESCOPE are smaller, topic-oriented events that are enthusiastically received again. Theme groups conduct topics in a way that reveals the enthusiasm and conviction of the developers.

eco-HERMES was founded by HERMES users as a user group; it shows that this method belongs in the hands of the users. Thanks to our association, HERMES is increasingly represented on the IT market and the community is interested in the further development, as well as the exchange with the federal administration as method owner.

eco-HERMES is a guarantee for the acceptance of HERMES in the IT project community.