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eco-HERMES is...

  •     the perfect place to exchange practical experience with other HERMES users. Working groups offer the opportunity to actively contribute to the field of interest,
  •     an effective channel to propose improvements to the method,
  •     an opportunity to expand your professional network and offer your skills to the market.

As a member of eco-HERMES you have the opportunity to attend our events for free or at a reduced price. The events count not only for the HERMES 5 Advanced recertification, but also for other recertifications such as those from PMI.

Guides for the integration of HERMES with agile methods and ITIL have already been published in German and French (see links on the website).

Join us as an individual or collective member. As a corporate member, all employees of your company enjoy the member benefits as eco-HERMES members.

We look forward to seeing you!


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A new member agrees to the following conditions:
I hereby declare my willingness to support the objectives of "eco-HERMES" in accordance with the applicable statutes of the association as well as the resulting activities of the association. With my signature I acknowledge the statutes of the association eco-HERMES in the respective valid form. I agree that my data may be used and stored for internal association purposes in compliance with the legal provisions of the currently valid data protection act. Furthermore, I declare my consent to my membership being published on the association's Internet server. I have the opportunity to actively participate in the work of the association on selected topics, in particular on the topics I have indicated above. With this application form I apply for membership of the Association and undertake to pay the applicable membership fee. The amount paid is non-refundable.

Member prices

Individual members 50 CHF
Collective members (max. 10 employees) 200 CHF
Collective members 400 CHF

Recruit members

In the application form there is a cell for the referrer of a member. The referrer receives a 10% bonus on the next bill.


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